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Furnace Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina

When winter arrives, you want to be prepared for it. Charlotte residents rely on Romanoff Heating & Cooling for furnace repair services to ensure ongoing comfort in their homes. When it comes to heating your home efficiently and avoiding costly repairs, regular maintenance goes a long way. Our team of HVAC experts is trained to uncover any potential issues that could prevent your furnace from performing at its best throughout the winter months. 

If your furnace isn’t heating your home as it should—or if it’s completely on the fritz—Romanoff Heating & Cooling also provides superior heating repair and 24/7 emergency response. From furnace repair and maintenance to new unit installation, we are committed to maintaining and restoring heat throughout your home.  

Heating Repair

Broken furnaces aren’t fun—especially when it’s freezing outside. Fortunately, Romanoff Heating & Cooling provides 24/7 heating repair services in Charlotte, North Carolina to quickly respond to your needs. Our HVAC professionals are trained to provide furnace repair and heating services that not only fix your furnace, but also extend its life and protect your investment. 

Your furnace could benefit from a tune-up even if it appears to be working just fine. Minor adjustments and small repairs can prevent bigger, more costly repairs down the road. Our qualified repair technicians are experienced in finding ways to make your HVAC units more efficient and dedicated to delivering the exceptional service you expect. 

Romanoff Heating & Cooling puts your heating needs first. Call 704-551-4144 to schedule an appointment today. 

Furnace Installation

Routine maintenance can significantly extend your furnace’s life, but all HVAC units eventually need to be replaced when they become impossible to repair. Sometimes the cost of a new furnace is cheaper in the long run than continuously repairing an older, run-down unit. The experienced technicians at Romanoff Heating & Cooling can help you decide whether a furnace replacement is your best option and answer any questions you might have. 

It’s also important to consider the benefits of replacing your older model with a newer, high-efficiency furnace. You may be able to offset the cost of furnace installation with lower energy bills. But most importantly, a new furnace makes a big difference when it comes to improving your home’s comfortability. 

Call 704-551-4144 to schedule your new furnace installation and to explore our financing options. 

Furnace Maintenance

Romanoff Heating & Cooling provides a superior customer experience. Since we believe this is best accomplished with regular maintenance, we offer a furnace maintenance program that’s designed to extend your furnace’s life and make your home as energy efficient as possible. Using less power can translate to significant energy savings over the life of your unit. 

Our two-tiered maintenance program features: 

 Standard maintenance program 

  • Semi-annual maintenance visits 
  • 10% savings on any repairs 

Premier maintenance program 

  • Semi-annual maintenance visits 
  • 20% savings on repairs 
  • No overtime charges 

You’ll receive the same quality service no matter which maintenance option you choose. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable as possible.  

Call 704-551-4144 to sign up for the Romanoff Heating & Cooling maintenance program that fits your needs and budget. 

Furnace Repair and Maintenance Programs

Call Romanoff Heating & Cooling when you need prompt, high-quality heating repairs during the cold-weather months in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our expert technicians have years of experience and can identify issues impacting the performance of your furnace. We help you heat your home efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Romanoff Heating & Cooling offers two furnace maintenance programs to ensure that you receive excellent, year-round customer service. Our standard maintenance service offers semi-annual maintenance visits and 10% savings on any repairs, while our premier maintenance program offers semi-annual maintenance visits, 20% savings on repairs and no overtime charges. These programs make it easier to prolong the life of your furnace and keep utility costs low 

Don’t wait until cold weather hits to fix your furnace. Call 704-551-4144 to learn more about our furnace repair and heating maintenance programs.